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Repair Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive Data using Check Disk Command

With the help of Kingston pen drive, we can easily exchange high amount of data from one laptop or desktop to another machine. But due to sometime virus comes in pen drive and destroy entire data from it that is very worst situation for the user because after corruption user not able to access their stored data from it. Now you can conquer the corruption problem from the Kingston pen drive using the Check disk command line.

This tutorial will elaborate the repairing procedure for corrupted Kingston pen drive and show the process how to extract data from the Kingston pen drive without changes any original information.

Follow Simple Instruction Properly

Step 1) Press windows key + R then write “cmd” and enter

Step 2) Run this following command on shell chkdsk e:/r

Where the chkdsk command line ensure the disk corruption formation and where “e:” signify the pen drive letter name and /r command gives instruction to fix the all issues that is getting.

Note: First you need to get the letter name of your pen drive and after the proceeds this method

Step 3) During the repairing process might be it display a warning message, i.e. that “drive is not a Windows XP” there is no issue. Continue this procedure by pressing “Y” key. Now it will start with directories and files.

Step 4) when it is around of done, then it will ask you, want to save lost chains into files select yes by pressing “Y” key.

Step 5) Now it displays the report, what has completed and turn on my computer and confirm Kingston pen drive data.

Conclusion: - This method helps to repair corrupted Kingston pen drive data. In case this method doesn’t work that means pen drive is badly infected by virus in this situation you need an external solution that helps to extract data from the corrupted Kingston pen drive there are plenty of applications that provides accurate way for Kingston pen drive data recovery without any alterations. That helps to conquer all types of the corruption problem from the USB drive and allow you to recover permanently deleted items from the Kingston pen drive.

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