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WhatsApp went Down on Wednesday for Few Hours

The Bad and Good news about Whatsapp, Bad News is that on Wednesday Whatsapp went down all over the world for some hours and Good news is that Whatsapp team overcome this problem within a few hours in comparison of another messaging app.

WhatsApp is Down for Everyone on Today Wednesday Afternoon  

Today Million of the Whatsapp user having problem sending messages in the afternoon, but now Whatsapp fix this issue within few hours. For everyone all the service seems to be breakdown at a moment.

The outage lasted over an hour at this point, with the world wide interface, plenty of users faced the log-in their whatsapp account in their selective browser at their system problem. They showing this kind of the message "Trying to reach phone" screen

Down Detector Reports that the Problem Started at Roughly 4:10 EDT:

The Status Page of Whatsapp has been updated with his message:

After a couple of hours of power failure, the all kind of  the service, to WhatsApp has been fruitfully restored. 

The best part is that No one knows even about the outage problem of whatsapp and the team fix this problem instantly within few hours.

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