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How to Add Google Authorship to Website

In the prior year Google Author ranking concept has been regularly progress. In this article we provide discuss about Author Rich snippets, Google Authorship, featuring a person photo, byline and also Google Plus (G+) profile all has been a game changer for CTR (click through rate) of organic result of searching.

Google Authorship:  It allows users to declare your content & make it feel more special. By adding author detail to search engine results, behind of the content peoples/folks can directly see face & name of the author through the Google authorship.

Importance of Google Authorship

Which search result from that previous example sticks out to you? The one with a picture, author name & Google plus (+) information right

Google authorship snippets incorporated in searching results, it’s creates a powerful impression. It set-off with two ways one is create feeling of trust and credibility, or it could seem shady, sketchy and untrustworthy.

If you want to use it legally, Google authorship can be increase CTR (click through rates). This is possibly tremendous numbers, but one case of study it shows increase CTR of 150%

There is not a negative impact consequently to Google and it’s not a stretch to bet that your CTR will be boost noticeably if you add authorship of Google on your site/website.

Get a Way How You Add Authorship of Google on Your Website

In the segment we talk about the process in details how user can add Authorship of Google on your website.

Step 1) Make a Google + account & confirm your email address.

Once you generate Gmail address then you can create G+ account side by side. After creating confirm you email through the contact information. how you can check go to G+ profile  “about”  you will see check-mark on their email address that proof you verify the your email.

Step2) How to Link G+ profile on your site

Go to G+ about page you see link section; add your content in the “Contributor” area.  This might be blogs, personal websites and social website page like Facebook page, Twitter page etc.

Step3 Link on your content through Google plus profile

Using the rel=”author” tag link to your G+ profile either from author box  at the bottom of your site.
This HTML tag helps to add Google + Profile link on your site

<a rel="author" href="">

You can also apply same thing with word press page, blogs, article etc.

Step4) Let’s check its working

Once you productively accomplish entire process then you make sure it’s working, but how we check
Providentially Google shared, authorship testing tool, that allow you  take previews of your site after applying G+ profile linking how it show in Google search result. After checking Google authorship process is successfully complete

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